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Mobile phones make up one of the top five things we take away on holiday. So if you are planning on travelling with your mobile phone read this guide on what you need to do to get your mobile phone working and how to avoid huge mobile phone bills abroad.

Travelling With Your Mobile Phone ...

When you take your mobile phone abroad you need to have done a little research first. Here we've done most of that research for you so you can take your mobile phone on holiday with total peace of mind.

So when travelling with your mobile phone use the following tips:


In Advance Of Travel ...

When travelling with your mobile phone it's best to contact your Network provider and check the following:
  • Arrange for your mobile phone on holiday to be enabled for 'International roaming' so you can make and take calls, that takes up to 14 days.

  • In America for instance you will need a tri-band handset so you need to check your handset will work where you are travelling to.

  • Find out how much your International roaming calls will be as they are much more than calls in the UK. If they are very much it could effect the amount you use your mobile phone abroad.

  • Ask if there are any deals available on the Country you're travelling to with your mobile phone, or the Continent, that could save you money.
  UK Network Providers
  O2 0870 225 7879  
  Orange 0800 079 0006  
T-Mobile 0845 412 5000
Three 08707 330 333
Virgin 0845 6000 789
Vodafone 08700 700 191
Tesco Mobile 0845 301 44 55

Tariff & SIM Card Options ...

When taking your mobile phone on holiday find out if you can transfer your tariff to one that includes reduced call charges abroad, especially if you plan to use your mobile phone abroad a lot.
An alternative SIM card that works on overseas networks can be a good idea if you can't change your tariff, or you don't want to. The SIM card, that simply replaces your usual SIM card for whilst you're away, can be bought at UK retailers and International airports.

Do check though that your SIM card doesn't have an expiry date that's before your holiday departure date.
SIM for Travel also sell alternative SIM cards for International use - click this link:
Pack your electrical adapter so you can use your mobile phone on holiday.

Using Your Mobile Phone Abroad ...

To use your mobile phone abroad is easy. Just turn it on as normal. It then searches for the local phone transmitter your Network provider has got the best deal with.

But even though you are enabled for International roaming your phone still diverts your calls via the UK. This is why calls can cost so much. For example, if you're on holiday in France and you are given a mobile number by a UK friend who's also in France and you call them, your call is routed 1,800 miles via the UK! And your friend will also be paying for receiving the call.


Important Telephone Numbers...

When taking your mobile phone on holiday, for security and in the event of any emergencies or delays input these numbers into your phone:
  • Telephone number of your Hotel / Tour Operator

  • Telephone number of the nearest British Embassy to where you are going to be staying

  • Your travel insurance provider's contact numbers
  Important Numbers - Government Offices and Agencies
  Foreign & Commonwealth Office Enquiries +44 (0) 207 008 1500  
  Services for Briton’s overseas +44 (0) 207 008 0210  
Travel Advice +44 (0) 845 850 2829

Mobile Phone Security ...

When taking your mobile phone on holiday you need to make sure you have taken the necessary security measures. So take a note of your mobile's serial/IMEI number and keep it separate from where you'll be keeping your phone. Then also write down any pin numbers or passwords you use when contacting your Network provider. Also write down your mobile telephone number and the telephone number of your network provider's customer services.

Then, if your phone is lost, or it's stolen you can contact your Network provider to arrange blocking your phone and/or SIM card.
  Mostly travel insurance policies don't include cover for mobile phones as standard, this has to be paid for additionally.

Information on insurance can be found on the Travel Insurance Page of this site.
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