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When looking for unofficial information on currency exchange at Belfast Airport then read this Belfast Airport currency exchange guide. You can even convert currency from pounds to currencies using our online converter.

Belfast Airport Currency Exchange ...

Money's an essential for any traveller going overseas. That's why we recommend reading our Belfast Airport currency exchange guide so you are totally up to speed on how and where you can convert your currency from pounds to other exchanges, and also where to get a good deal - whether you're needing dollars, euros, rupees or yen.


Online Converter...

If you're wanting to know the current exchange rates when travelling from Belfast Airport use this helpful online currency converter - it will convert currency from pounds to all other exchanges.
Currency Converter
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Exchanging Your Money - when & where ...

Many travellers ask about whether it's actually better to exchange their currency at home in the UK, or to wait until they are abroad, to get the best exchange rate. Well, the answer to this question, unless your travel date is months away, is it probably won't make that much difference as currency exchange rates can change hourly so you're actually better to shop around for the best deal. However, one area that can save you money is finding out how much somewhere will actually charge you to change your money and how much they will charge to change it back.
Exchanging Currency In The UK
When you're still at home you have the option of exchanging your money at your local bank. However, Experts suggest that you should only actually change enough currency over to cover your immediate travelling and transport expenses until you're settled at your destination. Why? Because the costs of exchanging currency in the UK can be more than when overseas.
Hotel & Airport Exchange Facilities
The exchange facilities offered by hotels and airport exchanges are very convenient yes, but do be aware of the high transaction charges.

If you can, avoid using such services unless you have no other choice.
Credit Card Exchange Services
If you have a credit card then ask them about their currency exchange services. Often these services offer good exchange rates and charge relatively low charges to do so.

However, do also ask about when you'll be charged for the transaction. Otherwise, if the home currency rate is falling, because your credit card transaction isn't converted instantly there's a risk that you will end up with a worse conversion rate a few days later than you expected.
Traveller's Cheques
Considered by many as old fashioned nowadays, you could consider taking traveller's cheques with you. These have many advantages, including having no extra charges to change over to your desired currency. Plus they can be easily replaced if you have them stolen or you lose them.
Banks Abroad
Bands abroad can offer very good rates of exchange so check when you want to compare currency rates.

Also check, when checking the rate, how it's set. Is it set by supply and demand? You might want to consider if you are in a busy, popular resort. Or is it set by the local Government? Again, check how the Government and Country is coping financially.

Either way check out our currency converter at the top of this page.
Cash Machines
Use your cash card if you'd rather not carry large sums of money around on your holiday. You simply use your cash card in the ATM/cash machine just as you would at home. They also offer good rates of exchange.

However, do check with your bank before using this option that they won't try and charge you each time you take out your money using your card, otherwise this could add up by the end of your trip.

It's also worth telling your bank you are going overseas and intending to use your card in case they see the card activity and regard it as stolen and then cancel your card, leaving you cash-less!
If you want to check if your resort location has a VISA ATM click on the link below:
International ATM Locator - click
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